How It
All Began?

(Solazola Bio)

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Solazola was born in Moscow 12 December 1999. His family was like many other russian families. The school, early rise for every day, short sunny days, uninteresting school activities, and a constant desire to grow faster and become independent. She had money but always wanted something more. From early childhood she was fond of gymnastics and figure skating. She was very fond of the winter holidays, when she could ice skate all day in the city center. A little later, she got acquainted with snowboarding. At the age of 15, her father took the family to a ski resort for the first time, and since that time she has irrevocably fallen in love with snowboarding. She never attached much importance to her appearance, led an ordinary life, enjoying every day, its sweet moments, serenely and carefree. Having matured a little, she looked in the mirror and saw there a real Cinderella, a full-fledged woman, incredibly attractive and filled with vital beauty. A beauty that is given once in a hundred thousand. Hence the future name of Solazola was invented, Cinderella in Russian sounds like "Zolushka". That's why second part of name is Zola.

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When she was 17 she met a guy (looking ahead) you have already seen many times. He became her only partner and in the future turned into a legal husband. It was exactly that man who made a sharp turn in the life of our future actress. By that time, Sola was in college and a year later was supposed to graduate, after which she was going to enter the university, but the plans changed dramatically. She was consumed by the love and passion of a young soul. They spent whole days together laughing, fooling around and having fun as their finances allowed. But by that time they did not have much money. But the desire to travel not only did not leave them, but on the contrary grew at a tremendous pace. They decided at all costs to get money and start traveling, to explore this wonderful and beautiful world.

A Star Is Born

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There is nothing better than nature has created is. In support of this, the incredible natural beauty of Solazola presented an unexpected gift for herself. Once again, playing the fool, her boyfriend offered to jokingly film them together and ... she agreed. This happened for the first time when she was 18 years old. For her, it was an unforgettable and fun experience in her life. She really liked it. Fool around like this completely. So it was decided to post the newly created video on one of the biggest adult-video web sites. She certainly doubted, but did not see anything shameful in this because she did it with her beloved young man and only.

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The result of an ordinary joke did not keep them waiting. Still, such a wonderful beauty is not so often found on the Internet. Fans immediately fell in love with Sola. They popularity climbed up exponentially every day. She became the discovery of the year 2019, gaining more than 100 million views in just some six months. Sola got married with her lover and they left for a long trip. They visited Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the USA and few other beautiful countries of the world. Small city in the Eastern Europe, Tallinn became a new home for them. In 2019, they move to Estonia for permanent residence. From there, from their cozy apartment, they start cutting videos one by one. At the moment she is in the top 5 most in-demand actresses of the most popular adult site and this is just the beginning of her amateur career.

What The Secret?

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Of course, you will say at once there is no special secret here, but simply - a beautiful figure and a pretty face. But in fact, besides her appearance, Sola has incredible luck. Afterall the figure, her face and especially her super young age play a crucial role. She is only 20 and she still has her whole life ahead. Here is her mesurements:

Breast: 34" (86cm)

Waist: 24" (61cm)

Hips: 36" (91cm)

Height: 5'8" (172cm)

Weight: 111lbs. (50kg)

Tattoos And Dogs

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Sola has No one implant inside her body. All natural. But few tattooes on her skin. She is noobiee on this way but maybe soon, in future she take lot of colors on her body and ofcourse we will see it. She love this culture of displaying the inner world, inner state of mind on the skin surface. Two piones on lef rib. She got this tattoo before she left parents home, this was influenced by a meeting with her lovely man. That is why depicted two peonies. And the second work is a countur of a little star on right hip. Sola turned out to be a very modest girl, because she got this tattoo when her video was watched over 350 million times.

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Six months ago, another love appeared in her life - a wonderful doggie Puccinni. All day long, she has fun with her faithful friend, strolling around the outskirts of Tallinn, driving a car and traveling around Europe. Perhaps the pet that appeared in the life of Sola is training as a future mother for her, but who knows for sure. How everything will turn out in the future we'll see in future. | 5 November 2020